They came in peace from the furthest reaches of the universe. They brought with them the knowledge and technology to defeat the time and distances that had for millennium, shackled the humans to the confines of a single–fading blue planet known as Earth.

In collaboration with the Earth's scientists, they assisted in the development of the GaliPort and GaliWorm technologies for intergalactic transport. The Intergalactic Operational Transport Authority Agency (I.O.T.A.A) was spawned to facilitate the new cooperative sharing of interplanetary opportunities.

Each planet within I.O.T.A.A's reach has its unique allure to both tourism and commerce, waiting patiently to host visiting lifeforms. As the brochures testify, and the GaliPort and GaliWorm facilitate, humans can enjoy new and wonderful adventures and improve their lives with travel, work, or relocation to any habitable planet.

Sadly, greed and corruption are not exclusively human traits and form a multi–tentacle cancerous growth jeopardizing the success of this universal program. We'll need an unlikely team of heroes to gather the courage and fortitude to conquer the odds, exact revenge, rise to power, and bring forth a plan to cure I.O.T.A.A from within.

I.O.T.A.A. is a story of adventure, intrigue, greed, corruption, adversity, and survival – wrapped up as a gift and tied with a bow of irony. I.O.T.A.A is a story not soon forgotten.


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