Peril in Paris

In "Paris Perfect", Book 1, our heroine's life seemed a dream. She had left Texas to move to Paris, her soul place, after the suicide of her fiancé and the death of her adored mother. She met the man of her dreams and adopted a protégé, talented young artist, Madeleine Junot. Abandoned at 5, she was working as a prostitute. In a happy set of circumstances, Punkin and Madeleine discovered that Jean Aumont, Punkin's lover, is the father Madeleine never knew. Jean and Punkin marry in a lavish ceremony amidst the vineyards of the Aumont Estate in Bordeaux.

As "Peril in Paris" opens, Madeleine has killed her pimp Marcel on the Metro, and is in prison. Marcel's repeated threats to both Madeleine and Punkin have been kept from Jean.

Jean blames Punkin for all their troubles, and she flees to the US into the comforting arms of her best friend Suzie Gilmore. She is not in America long, when she realizes she must return to France to hold her family together. The grand estate is having a bad harvest and the matriarch of the family, Giselle, is dying.

Madeleine, released into the custody of her parents, falls in love with a neighboring estate owner, Antoine de Monniere, her father's oldest friend and 30 years her senior. The Aumonts discover that he is cheating on their daughter. Too late– Madeleine is pregnant.

What will Madeleine do about the baby? Will she be sent to prison for life? And, has Antoine's temper gotten the best of him with tragic consequences for the de Monnieres and the Aumonts?

Punkin must persevere amidst death, murder and infidelity.

Reviews– "Paris Perfect"

"Absolutely spellbinding. I should be out exploring Paris but hold up reading June's steamy thriller…."

"Great book! Kept me entertained and guessing the entire time. Can't wait to read the sequel."

"Paris Perfect is more than catnip for Francophiles; romantics, as well as those who enjoy a gripping plot, will love this book…"


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