When Dementia Came Knocking

In the beginning of my mother's journey with dementia, I was clueless. I had very little knowledge of this disease and absolutely zero understanding. I felt a need, a want, to write about our journey, not only for my own sanity but also as a tool to help others walking the same path that we were. I wanted the reader to know about my mother and experience her incredible life during the Nazi invasion of Europe and before dementia came knocking. Knowing her then will help you to understand how she was able to deal with her diagnosis after.

You will laugh, you will cry, and I am sure you will come to love her like I do.

Our journey will inspire you and give you hope and understanding coupled with some important tools to help navigate dementia's ruthless confusion with real solutions and ideas.

Our life with dementia spanned twelve heartbreaking, nerve–racking, inspiring years of learning how to dance this crazy dance that became our life.

Love did manage to blossom in the midst of dementia's complete despair.

My hope is that it will blossom in yours too.


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