A Lifetime of Love

Being the only child of a military family, Jackie Parker is often on the move every six months. However, this particular year Jackie's parents want her to finish high school before they leave for their next tour of duty.

Jackie is thrilled that she can finish at Patterson High School and keep her friends, but she is most excited to be able to stay with Thomas, the love of her life.

While attending their senior prom, Jackie is summoned by phone to go to the airport because her parents must leave immediately on their next assignment in Paris, France. Like a Cinderella story, Jackie runs out of the prom leaving behind Thomas and her corsage.

In Paris, she becomes roommates with Tracey. Their relationship blossoms and a baby is born.

With all of the obstacles that Jackie and Thomas have to endure, can they survive the lies, cheating and untimely death of Jackie's first true love?

Read this scandalous tale to find out if the "couple of the year" find their way back to each other and show the true meaning of A Lifetime of Love.


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