All Red - A Collection of Poetry

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Anna Casamento-Arrigo and Gregory Anthony Stone began their work on “All Red” shortly after the two became neighbors. Little did they realize that they had traveled very similar paths in life. It is said that, ‘truth is stranger than fiction.’ As fate would have it, Casamento-Arrigo and Stone both had a connection with Jersey City, New Jersey. Casamento-Arrigo grew up there after arriving in America from Sicily, whereas, Stone was born there. The parallels and connections do not end there though. Ironically, Stone’s wife Phyllis had lived with her family at 200 Webster Avenue in Jersey City-a home which would later be occupied by Casamento-Arrigo and her family.

The similarities didn’t end there though, as it was also discovered that Stone went to school with and was a friend of one of Casamento-Arrigo’s relatives by marriage. The two thus accepted this gift of fate and, indeed, welcomed it and the path that would eventually lead them to the creation of “All Red.”

Moreover, Casamento-Arrigo and Stone are also both stroke survivors who share a passion for all forms of self-expression. Together, they have, as fate would have it, used words to paint pictures and created pictures that spawned poems. It is within the pages of this book that you will experience exactly how passion may serve as an impetus to finding one’s own calling and unleash that inner voice that speaks to you as well!


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