Confessions of a Mob Hitman - Ray Flynn

Finally, an inside look at mob warfare in greater St. Louis by one of the men who actually lived it…and shaped it. It is an explosive, fi rst person account…for the first time!
John Auble - Reporter Fox Television

Afi cionados of true crime history and/or human nature will enjoy this journey into the past as gangster Ray Flynn recalls a life that he clearly feels was well-lived. You may disagree with the well-lived part, but it was an interesting life. No doubt about that.
Bill McLellan - St. Louis Post Dispatch Columnist

Ray Flynn reached the pinnacle of his career in the 1960’s when he joined the Buster Eortman Gang. Wortman began his career as one of the infamous Al Capone’s southern lieutenants and as Capone’s cellmate. Wortman eventually won a bloody gang war for control of St. Louis and southern Illinois.
Michale Flynn - Son of the author Ray Flynn

Radio Interview


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