Free Da King Fate

Prepare yourself for this unstabilized journey as we travel not only from the grimy terrain of Illinois to the rugged streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota, but also the dysfunctional mind of book writings newest icon. In this chilling thrill, you will welcomingly witness love, loyalty, deceit, deception, hate, and sexual bliss all in one film like tale. Lonnie Le're is one of many youth who endure the everyday struggles of growing up black in the ghetto. But Lonnie was blessed with the gift of gab that very few possess. The gift of a powerful following, manipulation, forceful revenge, sexual satisfying, dominant presence, and a hustle that could match history's greatest dealers. Lonnie has found his calling, and it involves taking care of his family by any means necessary and balling insane. Will the heartless kingpin with a passion of breaking men's pride and breaking women's hearts find the love of his life to humble him or will the starving streets of the monstrous Midwest and it's shifty wind like ways eat the young boy and his crew alive. You don't want to miss a single sentence in this detailed drama, so prepare to remain sunk in your seats from cover to cover. Keep your nerves intact and your hormones in check as Lonnie's coaster-like life takes its course.


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