On The Dixie

Do you want to get a jump start on the news for the day? Well then, you need to go to the Dixie! The Dixie was the thoroughfare for travel from one end of the community of Kemp's Bay to the other. It was also the connecting link to communities south and north of Kemp's Bay. Most of the homes were located on or near the Dixie so that anyone passing through the settlement via the Dixie could be observed by most of the inhabitants.

Being on the Dixie was the equivalent of being on the social media of today. Everything worth seeing or hearing about transpired on the Dixie. Children traveled to and from school via the Dixie. Adults went about their daily routines via the Dixie. News traveled like a flash from one end of the Dixie to another. All that one needed to know was communicated by way of the Dixie. The stories cited in this book are all in some way connected to being on the Dixie.


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