Ramblings is a lifelong dream of unveiling my philosophy, thoughts, perceptions, and opinions to the general public at large. "Naked and unafraid," to make a twist on the name of a popular survivalist series, probably describes it best.

With all my protective walls at long last eradicated and the drawbridge down, I invite one and all into my innermost sanctum never before revealed to ramble about and possibly find some insight that might help them smooth the road they are traveling. I am no longer afraid or caring about the opinions of others. Welcome home!

I hope to benefit most and no doubt anger a few, because you can never please all the people all the time. Life was never meant to be like that. Enclosed between these covers can be found an interwoven tapestry of thoughts, letters, poems, and short stories encompassing the gamut of human emotions. In close cadence with these emotions are the sensory reactions that normally stay hidden deep within the subconscious until memories of past and, sometimes, present struggles or relationships are prodded to the surface to cover the miles of road on whatever particular journey between birth and death you may be traveling.

My sincerest wish would be for my reader to possibly find a pearl or two as he or she unfolds these pages. Maybe see yourself and not me in a line or more of shared commonality? Whatever the case, take the ramble. Like President Trump said, "What do you have to lose?"


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