The Prey of Mantis

Steve Price is a stockbroker from Chicago who decides to vacation with two coworkers that are friends. His wife, Susan Price, is a realtor, who agrees for her husband to enjoy himself for a change. Steve, Jeff, and Tim eventually chose the great city of New Orleans as their vacation spot. But while they enjoy themselves, they begin to experience a chain of events that has them fighting for their lives! Including many others! Running from a grim figure, whose ability is walking through shadows and reappearing anywhere a dark shadow is. The grim figure is every one's worst nightmare, including the people of New Orleans. It's a race against time in this epic story of survival that has everyone losing their minds. It's a gut-wrenching, heart-stopping story that's filled with the best of horror, giving you a New Orleans cuisine of darkness, voodoo, mystery, fright, morbid imagery, blood, gore, and suspense. Even the most veteran horror lover will cringe. Find out who the grim figure is . . . if you dare.


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