Thoughtful Pauses: A Political Philosophy

Thoughtful Pauses is a way of communicating some of the author's political and philosophical thoughts discerned throughout the years about society, government and the law. It may be that democracy is the most saleable of all the forms of government; yet, it is the one that comes with much need for care by the people as its appeal for acceptance can lull the populous to sleep. To borrow a paraphrase from Abraham Lincoln, "Government for the people" can only be insured through the active vigilance and participation of "government of and by the people". Here then we have the law as one of our guarantees for justice, peace and tranquility in society. The often-repeated phrase, "Government of law and not of men" can mislead as the words appear clear, but in truth, government of law is merely government organized and determined by men or the people.
To quote from lines in the last section of Thoughtful Pauses, "No law, no matter how equitably written, will secure justice when implemented by dishonest men. No law, no matter how poorly written, will deter justice when guarded by men of good will." What, therefore, speaks also to the make-up of a nation is its culture. It defines its strengths and weaknesses. Changes that occur through outside sources and from other cultures pose more risks and instability than from changes within. Much coverage also is given to the press or media in the last section of this book. The author has seen the power of the new technology in the broad coverage of communication, which has been a windfall for big media monetarily; but more importantly, a powerful weapon to influence a nation's thinking and, therefore, its actions. This is not to be underestimated, especially among a misinformed or ill-informed public. There is enough, hopefully, in this book to ponder; and the author writes it to wet the interest of its readers to better view their nation, its culture, and governing systems more closely.
Any of us can find an excuse to preach or criticize. That said, much of this book deals with our fallacies as human beings and, yes, all of us come with them. The author very much is and has been a willing participant in the likes of an unjust war as well as more than his fair share of life's regrets. And, no, the devil did not make him do it.

To believe a politician most often is naive, but to do so during election time is insane.

Freedom of speech is not a privilege to be defined and dispensed by select persons, groups, or institutions. It is that indispensable mandate for all to enjoy. Without this precious right to speak out, all other freedoms will eventually fall.

The power to control the media message is the power to control the way people think and act. It is a power that can modify cultures. This control is the feeding tube for misinformation, false interpretation, insidious brain washing, and hiding truth.


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