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She smiled. "I could think of no greater honor. While sitting on this couch, my life has been transformed.” Transformed is a wonderful intertwining and redefining of lives. Meet Lizzy, Jenny, Kate, Blair, and their families. See how they touch and make each other's lives better. Let Sarah Rose awaken your innermost emotions and move you, as each beautiful chapter unravels precious life moments, which could change you and heal you.

Sarah Rose is a stay at home mom who lives with her husband, David and two children, Micah and Lydia in Northwestern Pennsylvania where the winters are long and the snow is deep. She passes those long months sipping coffee, writing whatever comes to mind, and flipping through magazines.

Sarah enjoys building friendship with as many people as she can, spending time with her family, babysitting, serving her church by helping coordinate VBS and being involved in MOPS. Her family also loves hosting students from Spain each summer. Weekends are spent around the table playing board games or around the campfire enjoying warm summer nights.

When it comes to writing, Sarah loves to write about the little moments often overlooked in life, and she wants to make sure that people learn about God's love and grace when they read her work. Just like the characters in her books, she is surrounded by friends who encourage her with the truth from God's Word and support her through prayer. You can read her blog at

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