United With The Spirit of Life

Today is a great time to motivate and encourage individuals to seek to acquaint themselves with the third person of the Godhead. He is often the least known, the least spoken about, and the most misunderstood manifestation of God. Our heavenly Father sent Holy Spirit to the Body of Christ for a divine purpose. It is Father's divine will that every New Covenant believer should recognize and embrace Holy Spirit as a friend as they continuously pursue to develop a personal communion and fellowship with Him. Truth be told, Holy Spirit longs to intimately know each believer and talk to them as well.
Discover in "United with the Spirit of Life how to develop this personal and real day-to-day relationship with your Helper and Teacher. As you purposely give thought and study to God's truth within these pages, you will receive a better grasp about who Holy Spirit is, His assignment to the Body of Christ, His personality, and His overall mission in the earth.
"United with the Spirit of Life" is a spiritual and practical guideline for everyday living and communing with Holy Spirit. It is about you making Him welcomed and real in your own life. It is Holy Spirit who empowers, enables, strengthens, and educates the New Covenant believer to fulfill His God-given purpose. He is the power force that makes everything that the Father and Jesus the Son say and do real and effective. He uses your words and prayers to make profitable things happen in your life.
This book is written with the intent to reveal every day, real-life strategies to aid you in your personal pursuit to know, hear, and experience Holy Spirit's presence in your life. As you become acquainted with Him, you will witness your own heart and life transformation. I encourage you to make it your pursuit to get to know the person, Holy Spirit.


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