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As your publisher, Fulton Books will take care of all the logistics of inventory, fulfilling orders, returns and all the complexities associated with distributing your book to the masses.

Fulton Books will also manage collecting and distributing royalties to you, the author. Our accounting team will obtain quarterly reports from our book wholesalers and verify your sales. Once we have determined all records are accurate, we will send you the sales results and issue you a check for your due royalties.

Many new authors are curious about how much they will make per book sale. While the answer has many variables (especially in international markets) we have done our best to give you a simplified breakdown in the chart below. This chart will show you what your royalty percentage would be for a sale at each of the major book retailers.

PlatformRoyalty Structure
Amazon.com (Kindle readers)Amazon offers 70% of the retail price to the author. Some special exceptions (usually foreign countries) will use a 35% royalty structure.
Google PlayYou will receive 52% of the retail price for each digital copy sold through google Play. Google also allows resellers or affiliate sites to sell titles from the Google Play store. These sales will yield a 45% royalty
Barnes & Noble (nook readers)Digital copies of your book sold at Barnes & Noble's website will yield a 65% royalty.
iTunesAuthors are entitled to 65% of the retail price for titles sold in the iTunes store.
Print booksYour royalties for all printed books, regardless of whether they are sold online or in a brick and mortar store will be the retail price minus 55% (wholesaler discount) and printing cost. For an average length paperback book priced at $14.95, this would result in a $3.00 royalty for each book sold.

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