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Professional Copy-Editing

Any serious author knows that a professional copy edit is absolutely essential. Our experienced editors will thoroughly review your manuscript and ensure the best possible product for your readers.

Our editors will go through your manuscript line by line looking for incorrect syntax, spelling and punctuation mistakes and grammatical issues. After completing their edit you will receive the manuscript back for you review. Each correction or suggestion will be clearly marked and you will have the final say on what is printed in your finished book. One important difference between Fulton Books and other publishing options - we do not charge extra for corrections to your manuscript while in the editing stage!

When you submit a manuscript to Fulton Books for editorial review, you will receive an editing "questionnaire" that will help us clearly define your editing goals. Your answers during this interview process allow you to have as much control over the editing process as you would like. We can adhere strictly to the rules set forth by the Chicago Manual of Style (industry standard and our default editing technique) or we can just do a simple grammar and spelling check.

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