Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely- we will simply be your publisher, while all rights and copyright will remain with you. In fact, unlike with other publishers, you will own all of the digital files that we prepare on your behalf. Our agreement clearly states that all digital files prepared are your property and shall be transferred to you at any time you request. Most other publishers will charge you a steep fee just to release your high-resolution PDF book file to you.
Assume a digital version of your book is sold in the Apple iTunes store and downloaded to an Apple iPad, for $9.99. Apple will retain 30% of the sale as their commission, leaving 70% ($6.99 to be exact). After deduction of our 20 cent commission, $6.79 would remain and be remitted to you for every eBook sold!
We, like all other established publishers, make our author's books available at stores like Barnes & Noble through the nation's largest wholesaler, Ingram Content Group. We extend a 55% wholesale discount (the industry standard) to distribute our books to their world-wide network of retailers. Thus, for a book that has a retail price of $19.95, we would sell this book to Ingram for $8.98. After deducting printing costs (assume a print cost of $5.30) and our 20-cent commission, a profit of $3.48 would remain and be remitted to you for every book sold!
We do not get any part of your book sale proceeds unless and until you have recovered every penny you invested with us for your publishing package. After that point, we are entitled to only 20 cents per book sold.
Depending on the package you select, we can have your book published anywhere from six to eight months. More complex books (like those undergoing editing or needing illustrations) may take longer.
Self-publishers typically do not engage in promotion and publicity of your book, which is of critical importance. Our publishing program includes publicity like radio interviews, press releases and video trailers. We make sure that all aspect of the process- the publicity campaign in particular- are optimized for the most book sales. Simply placing your book for sale on the market without promotion (like most other self-publishers do) has little chance of success- your book is like a "needle in a haystack" amongst millions of other books. Potential purchasers need to be made aware of the fact that your book is available!
Absolutely. Let us know and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you at our office.
Since January 2008. We were on the forefront of the digital publishing and eBooks explosion.
We are a proud member of the BBB, with an A+ rating.

The book will be available through Amazon and iTunes globally (US, UK, France, Australia, etc.)
Yes, we allow books to be returned to us by the bookstores. If we do not, no bookstore will ever agree to carry the book. We assume all of the risks and costs associated with the returns- not you. Some publishers will charge you a fee to make your book returnable and assume this risk, but we do not. We assume all of the risk.
It is only for 2 years, but you can renew it at the end at minimal cost (only $100 for another 2 years) and we will continue distributing your book.
Our author's discount program allows you to purchase your title at a greatly discounted price. You can purchase as many books as you would like and can even resell them as you see fit.
General hours are:
9:00am to 5:00pm EST, Monday to Friday.
We will handle every aspect of the publishing process for you, from editing, page design and typesetting, cover design, printing, distribution, press release creation and distribution, and royalty management. Most importantly- we do all of this for only a minimal investment on your part and 20 cents per book sold, while you retain all rights and ownership in your book and in all work we create on your behalf.
Absolutely. Your book will be available globally (U.S., France, Australia, Germany, U.K., etc.) through Amazon and Apple iTunes.
Yes - if your previous publisher does not have exclusive publishing rights (check your agreement with them). We would simply re-publish your previously published work as a "second edition." We can also correct any errors that occurred during the prior publication process and work to improve your book by redesigning the cover if needed or embarking on an enhanced publicity campaign, etc.
We publish and distribute our author's books through online platforms such as Apple's iTunes and the Amazon Kindle store, Google Play and Barnes & Noble. We also distribute physical copies of your book through Ingram Content Network (the world's largest book wholesaler) so that any traditional brick and mortar store can stock your book.
The investment will vary based upon the size and scope of your manuscript, but all programs are broken down into manageable small monthly payments.