Let Go

It's not easy being eleven. Especially when your life as you know it becomes a mystery that leads to death. My dad died of unknown reasons when I was seven years old(I thought). Since then, it has been the mom and Charity Shawe show. My mom is the best friend anyone can and should want to have. It is funny how the little joy found in life can suddenly go away with a few words or discoveries.

Receiving the news that I was going to die obviously made me cry. My mom felt sadness on top of vengeance. She takes care of me in every way you can care for someone you love. She will not tell me the full story about why I am so sick; however, I do realize that this deserted, yet oddly luxurious Hospital we call home does not belong to us. Not fully desiring venture, I'm going on a journey of discovery anyway. If it is God's will, I have to let go. The real question is – What does my mom have to do before she can let go?


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