The Fairy Rose in America

In the first book, The Magic Fairy Rose, it started in Scotland with Thomas MacGregor and Eleanor Heart. This book was a love story. However, it was much more. Thomas had to find out what happen to his brothers. His oldest brother had told Thomas someone was trying to stop him. His name was Marcos, and he was evil. Learn why this man went after Thomas's family. You would have to read the first volume to know what he did. Thomas's father had asked him to bring his mother a rosebush home. It was a tradition that the MacGregor men always brought a rose home for her. Discover what happened with the rosebush that he found.

In 1850, the Scottish were leaving the Highlands. Many of them were kicked off their lands with no place to go. They got on a ship heading to America. Learn how they brought three rosebushes to America without carrying them. Tonight, there would be two ghosts visiting Alexander MacGregor and Neil Heart. It took a hundred years before the magic rose was brought to America. Garret Heart made a promise. He said that one of his family members would always be there to protect a MacGregor. Why, you say? Meghalaya, the storyteller, she told Thomas that an evil man would be coming after the next Thomas and Eleanor. Their mothers would call them Tom and Ellen. Discover why their fathers became Navy SEALs. Why was Tom and Ellen sent to a school in the Highlands of Scotland? Discover the mystery why their memories were messed with. Who ordered one of their fathers to take their names from them then to be put in a school that changed their names? So Tom became Mic, and Ellen became Angel. Remember, there would be a family member of Garret's to watch over them. Don't miss the twist at the end of the story.

See what is next in volume 3.


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