The Fulton Books Difference

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Experience the Difference

Unlike most other publishing options, Fulton Books will assign you a Publication Assistant who will ensure your title progresses through the publishing process without a hitch. Your Publication Assistant will be with you from beginning to end to answer any questions you might have regarding your title’s publication.


Edit Your Book

Our skilled editors will thoroughly review your manuscript and clearly indicate all corrections and suggestions to produce the highest quality product for your readers. Of course, you will have the final say on all suggestions to ensure your final product is exactly as you envisioned. 


Design Your Book

Our art department can create custom illustrations and professional page designs to enhance the reading experience for your readers. Our artists will also work with you to create a professionally designed cover that will make your book stand out online and on bookshelves and meet the standards of major bookstore retailers.


Publish Your Book

We will obtain ISBN and barcode for you, print your book with a full-color glossy cover, premium paper, and perfect binding, and make it available for purchase. We will also convert your title into eBook formats, making it readable on tablet devices and eReaders. Additionally, we handle all the logistics of inventory, fulfilling orders, returns, and all the complexities of getting your book to the masses.


Market Your Book

Our publicity department will produce and distribute press releases to announce the launch of your book, and create a commercial for your title to air on streaming video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. We can also arrange interviews for select authors on popular literary-themed podcasts, which will focus on the author, inspiration, and storyline of the book.

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