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We understand that each author has different requirements and budgets, so we provide a range of publishing packages to accommodate everyone. Our packages range from essential publishing services to more comprehensive options that include marketing and audiobooks.

We provide all the necessary services, including copy editing, designing pages and covers, printing, converting to eBooks, and distributing. You can go over our services and choose the package that works best for you.

Print & eBook

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Enhanced Marketing

The Book Promotion Package

  • Services offered in the Print & eBook Package
  • Author YouTube Channel

    We will create a YouTube channel with your book’s video trailer and Zoom interview.

  • Promotional Video

    We will create a short teaser video with your book’s cover design, images related to your book, and where to purchase.

  • Video Interview Via Zoom

    An experienced book interviewer will interview the author via a video conferencing service like Zoom. It will be to a finished length of three to five minutes.

  • ReaderHouse Roundtable Podcast

    The ReaderHouse Author Roundtable host will interview you about your book and background. The edited podcast will be approximately three minutes in length.

  • Featured on ReaderHouse

    Your book will be featured on the ReaderHouse online bookstore website.

  • Social Media Launch Package

    We will create a Pinterest Business account and launch an author-specific Facebook social media kickoff campaign with initial graphics and posts.


Multiple Formats

  • Services Offered in the Print & eBook Package
  • Production Timeline Calendar

    A customized calendar detailing the intended schedule for the audiobook production process. It includes the selection of the voice-over narrator, timeframe for recording sessions, expected completion dates for post-production editing, technical pre-upload quality checks, and eventual upload of the finished audiobook to vendor platforms.

  • Narration Talent Questionnaire

    A comprehensive questionnaire that will assist with compiling a selection of voice-over narrators for the audiobook.

  • Voice-over Narrator Selection

    Based on the information provided in the questionnaire, we will select three preferred voice-over narrators so you may choose one.

  • Audio Clip Creation

    We will produce a brief audition recording performed by your selected voice-over narrator. Upon approval, the project will proceed to the narration and production phases.

  • Production/Post-Production Editing

    Once a voice-over narrator has been chosen, studio time will be booked for recording sessions of the audiobook.

  • Author Approval and Upload

    When the finished audiobook files are approved, we will upload them to retail platforms.


Our Most Comprehensive Package

  • Services offered in the Print & eBook Package
  • Services offered in the Marketing Package
  • Services offered in the Audiobook Package

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