Those Black Roses

Soon–to–be divorcees Elizabeth Summerton and Simon Lafayette met and shared a passionate kiss. A year later, when they met up together again, the passion was still there. Could it be that Elizabeth had a chance with Simon? Maybe there could be. After all, Simon seemed interested in Elizabeth. But she was just a small fish in a big fish tank. Nichole Svenson, Elizabeth's half sister, dreamed of having money, lots of money. And her life was on a slide, and Nichole made the biggest mistake of her life, endangering herself as well as Elizabeth all because Nichole wanted to swim in the big fish tank with the big fish for money. Could the game endanger everything that Nichole worked for? And who would protect them and keep them safe with a shark swimming in the big fish tank? The shark loomed in the darkness, threatening to destroy everything. There are two different meanings for black roses. One is for rebirth, mysterious and strong, but the other is darker, death. But love can endure everything, right?


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