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Jul 19, 2023

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Since our inception, Fulton Books has offered a comprehensive range of services to thousands of authors across all genres, enabling them to publish their books easily. Understanding the overwhelming nature of the publishing process, we prioritize providing a stress-free experience for our authors. As a full-service publishing house, we manage everything from copy editing to distribution and marketing, ensuring your book is published flawlessly. Our seasoned team of experts works to make your book boasts captivating designs and illustrations, is printed professionally, converted into an eBook, and made available both in-store and online for purchase. With us in charge of the intricacies of publishing your book, you can devote more of your attention to writing, your true passion.

Our publishing process has been divided into four clear-cut stages:

  1. Copy Editing – Our team reviews your manuscript page by page, scrutinizing for grammatical errors, redundancies, and inconsistencies to deliver high-quality work.
  2. Design – Our talented artists create a unique cover design and illustrations that perfectly match your vision for the book.
  3. Printing & Distribution – Our book printers will professionally print your book with an assigned ISBN and barcode. Then we’ll transform it into an eBook ready to distribute to major retailers.
  4. Marketing – We provide the tools to promote your book with items like a web page, press release, book trailer, and podcast interview.

While other publishing companies may request your manuscript and disappear for weeks, we pride ourselves on keeping you informed throughout every stage of the publishing process. As a Fulton Books author, a dedicated Publication Assistant will be assigned to you and will serve as your primary contact until your book hits the market. Your Publication Assistant will be available to answer any queries or address any concerns you may have throughout the process. Their goal is to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of each stage of the process and a positive publishing experience from beginning to end.

Editorial Review

As an author, you’re aware of the significance of copyediting. However, proofreading your work is not always sufficient. Having an extra pair of eyes to scrutinize your writing is crucial. That is why we have a team of adept editors who meticulously review your manuscript, page by page, to ensure the absence of grammatical and spelling errors, appropriate word usage, and impeccable sentence structure. Our editors follow the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style but can follow any unique preferences you have. We understand that you want your book to meet your expectations, so you have the final say on any suggested edits.

Inspired Designs

Cover Design
Your book’s cover is the first thing readers see, and it can significantly impact their decision to read it. Our team of skilled artists can bring your publication to life with an intriguing cover design that captures potential readers’ attention. Whether you prefer a colorful, black-and-white, illustrated, or minimalist layout, we will collaborate with you to make your vision a reality.

Page Design & Illustrations
Our team of artists ensures consistency in font size, style, margins, and paragraph structure on every page of your book. Additionally, we optimize all visuals to enhance the reading experience and create a visually appealing layout that is crucial for a book’s readability and success. Our experienced team of illustrators creates engaging and unique illustrations for children’s book authors, working with you to bring your imagination to life.

Publishing Your Book

After our artists provide your book’s flawless design and layout, it’s ready to proceed to the printing process! We will obtain the necessary ISBNs and barcodes for the printed copy and eBook. An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) identifies your book as unique and lists you as the author and Fulton Books as your publisher. Stores only stock books with an ISBN and barcode, so we consider them necessary.

Printing & eBook Creation
You can purchase multiple copies of your printed book at a wholesale discount under our Author Discount Program. After your book is approved for print, we’ll convert it into an eBook for readers to enjoy on various devices. We convert it into formats for Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindles, Barnes & Noble Nooks, and Google devices to ensure it’s available to readers in multiple formats.

Your printed book will be available worldwide, and your eBook will be available through standard eBook stores like Apple iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play. Our team provides you access to sales reports via the Fulton Books Author Portal, and we ensure you receive your generated royalties. We take care of everything, so you can focus on sharing your work with the world.


After completing your book, the next step is to promote it effectively. Fulton Books can provide a personalized author web page featuring your book’s cover design, synopsis, and links to purchase it on various platforms. Your web page makes it easy for readers to find and buy your book. Additionally, you will have a team of experts dedicated to publicizing your book. They will prepare press materials based on your About the Author summary and book synopsis and send them to a targeted list of print, broadcast, and online media contacts for local, regional, and national companies.

To further enhance your book’s visibility, Fulton Books can also produce a professional high-definition video for your book, which you can post on various streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This video book trailer can attract potential readers and generate interest in your book. In addition, we can arrange interviews for a select group of our authors on popular literary-themed podcasts. These interviews will focus on the author, their inspiration for writing the book, and the storyline or plot of the book. Podcast interviews are an excellent complement to our press release and can help increase awareness of your book.

Become a Fulton Books Author

We aim to assist you in the publishing process and bring your book to the world. Our ultimate joy is witnessing aspiring writers transform into accomplished authors under our guidance. If you aspire to become a Fulton Books author, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!