Book to Big Screen 2024

We are delighted to announce our partnership with two industry powerhouses: Prairie Surf Media, a leading sound studio, and the Emmy-nominated filmmaker Lance McDaniel of McDaniel Entertainment.

At Fulton Books, our belief in the transformative power of storytelling has always driven us forward. So, we have joined forces with our esteemed partners, McDaniel Entertainment and Prairie Surf Media, to embark on an extraordinary journey together. This partnership is a groundbreaking fusion of literature and cinema, creating an unparalleled platform to showcase our talented authors. The collaborative effort will open the doors for our authors to shine on the illustrious silver screen!

With meticulous care, our partners will review our vast collection of manuscripts from our catalog and other publishers, thoughtfully evaluating each one to determine which author will have the incredible opportunity to bring their book to life on the big screen. Then in early 2025, they will select a story to produce at their expense!

It is an extraordinary chance where pens meet cameras, imagination melds with reality, and authors transform into filmmakers! The possibilities are endless, and the magic that lies ahead is unparalleled. Together, we are revolutionizing the rules of storytelling and redefining how literary masterpieces are born.

We thank you for being an integral part of this journey!

Fulton Books’ Literary Short Films

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