A Dream Comes True

It all begins when Miss Katy Williamson who has short blonde hair, blue eyes, and stands 5 foot 8 1/2 inches tall, finds a small kitten sitting on a large rock under a wooden walking bridge in a park. Miss Katy has a caring heart for animals, children, and adults of all ages. She cares for the kitten and names it "Chester." Miss Katy finds that Chester is a "Maine Coon Cat" because of the mark of the letter "M" on his forehead and the tufted hairs inside his ears. Residing at a small apartment in Oklahoma City with Miss Katy, the kitten becomes full grown and is 24 ½ inches long. Chester constantly has the same dream where he sees a beautiful place with luscious green grass, tall trees, birds singing beautiful music, and an animal with a bushy tail drinking cool water from a slow flowing river.

Will Chester's dream come true?

If Chester's dream should come true what other exciting things await for Chester and Miss Katy!


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