Calculated Entropy

What is Calculated Entropy?

Perhaps it's the strange little story of a strange little guy's life. It might or might not slip in and out of a dream state. Perhaps he is being devoured by a great beast and this is a vision of his life flashing before him –or a vision of the life he might have had.

Could it all be the brainwashing of the Manchurian Candidate? Perhaps he survived his encounter with the first beast only to wind up trapped in the lair of another. Perhaps it's all just the daydream of a child and the character's untimely demise at the end is merely his mother calling to him, snapping him out of it. Maybe it's none of the above. You decide just what it's trying to say

It's a novella written in poems.

It's a concept album without the music.

It's a bird– it's a plane, it's–

Calculated Entropy

( A Random Access Dream )

A Novellem by Maniacal Mel

A book of poetry for people who can't afford a real book of poetry.


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