Chaos Above the Sand

Iran 2010. The Iranian High Council has decided that today is the day that their fighter pilots will attack. With a large group of fighter aircraft poised to cross the border into Iraq, the only thing standing in the Iranians way is Wild Bill Eddy's four F–15C aircraft. With lightning speed, the battle rages in the sky above Iraq. Iran's desire to control the Middle East sets this fast–paced, multilayered story in motion.

Germany, May 1944. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel has sent his most trusted representatives to steal vast treasures from Hitler's hidden storage location. Once these were obtained, they intend to use the horde to fund their escape from the war that has devastated Germany and made them lose faith with the Führer. A mix of attacks, setbacks, and terrible timing cause the treasures to be lost when the Allies attacked Normandy on June 6, 1944.

From the beginning, the Special Projects Unit is thrown into this thriller with traitors, spies, and patriotic soldiers. The SPU director, William "Wild Bill" Eddy, along with his best friend, Assistant Director Mark "Vector" Jones, race to solve the clues to who is supplying top secret information to the Iranians. With villains and traitors on every page, the SPU must decipher the clues and save the USA from a fast–approaching military defeat. Clues to the lost World War II treasure become mixed into the story of the building and hiding of the SPU. This yarn is the tale of the development and birth of the SPU.

As Air Force Academy graduates, Wild Bill and Vector have a bond that transcends work. But will they be able to solve all of the clues to stop the Iranians from taking over the Middle East? Chaos Above the Sand is a prequel to Bruce Thomas's first book, The Hope of the South.

Bruce Thomas is a retired US Air Force fighter pilot and a recently retired Captain of Southwest Airlines. He is a graduate of Farmington High School, Missouri, and the US Air Force Academy. The father of five children and nine grandchildren, he lives in Overland Park, Kansas, with his wife, Vivian, and their two pugs. Chaos Above the Sand is the second book in the Special Projects Unit series


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