Money talks; bullshit walks! That backward–ass thinking in Montgomery, Alabama, hasn't changed, and it's 2018. When the only mistake of a promising young man, Lorenzo Sheppard, is falling for the Southern belle Tayanna Calloway, you would think being in love was a good thing. When her father catches wind of her having a relationship with someone from the projects, shit hits the fan. After a horrible lie and five years behind bars, Lorenzo returns to the very city that caused him and his family so much grief. Even after losing his scholarship and his freedom, he promises himself that he will rise above the obstacles. With his brothers, Bo and Rod, by his side, they are determined to make it happen. Danger still lurks for Lorenzo in the form of Senator Calloway, formerly Councilman Calloway. He still feels Lorenzo is nobody and is determined to make his life hell. Will Lorenzo defy the odds, or will Senator Calloway have his justice? Be careful with the choices you make in life. They can either propel you or destroy you.


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