The best way to survive cancer is to get the disease detected and treated as early as possible when it has not yet spread throughout the body. Most aggressive cancers, when they are diagnosed after they have already metastasized (grade 4), respond poorly to any kind of treatment whether it be surgical, chemical, or hormonal. The Davidson Cancer Research Foundation in Charleston, South Carolina, where only the most aggressive cancers qualify for treatment, consistently report over 50 percent cures, using a cytokine derived by their irradiating special equine nerve tissues. The center's treatment is waiting for approval by the FDA and offers a money–back guarantee for failures.

By secretly investigating the exact chemical nature of the treatment, Dr. William Della Torre Roller and his girlfriend, medical technologist Yolanda Ybarra, unearth the ghastly method by which the center actually harvests the cytokine and almost lose their lives in an effort to stop it.


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