Death is Not the Final Chapter

Jason Orr had the perfect job to utilize his knowledge and skills as a former Army Special Ops officer and Secret Service agent for past presidents of the United States. His task, keep one of the world's wealthiest men, Andre Sarnev, safe during his global travels. Sarnev International had investments and offices worldwide, and Jason's past experience made him a great asset to the company and Andre's security. When Jason finally had time off to spread his father's ashes in the Kvichak River in Alaska, his private time was short–lived. He was summoned back to the main Bermuda estate. Through blackmail, his life was going to take another turn. He was about to be coerced into an illicit scheme that would tax his skills and put him in the most dangerous position he had ever encountered. Not only his life, but the lives of people he loved and cared about would be woven into this global scheme. Would they survive? Would he be able to protect them? He would have to draw on all his strengths and abilities to win the battles that lay ahead.


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