Espela Chronicles

The world was once peaceful and full of love. Elves and men had a mutual alliance. Then hatred entered the hearts of men who were determined to keep the races separate after a prophecy is foretold about a half–breed who will rule Athea and unite two kingdoms under one banner.

Espela Chronicles followed a tale about half–elf/half–human princess, Liviana Everstar. Her tale was one of love and sacrifice. She grew up in the elvish realm, Cedaria, and was raised by her maternal uncle and grandfather. There she was loved and sheltered from her human father's kingdom of hatred, Athea. She was lovingly sacrificed by her parents to keep her safe from Monserrat and his Purist followers.

Now sixteen years later for her, she questioned who and what she is. She knew that secrets had been kept, and above all else, she yearned for parents she has never known. To make matters worse, she had spent her life plagued by nightmares. Now in her adolescence, these nightmares had gotten worse and more vivid, taking on a new form. She had the power of sonave or dream travel. They protected her physically but not mentally. She was still experiencing the horrors of men's hatred in Athea.

With her uncle by her side, she traveled back to the world where she was born. She had only one goal in mind when she gets to Athea-reunite with her parents at all costs. She thought all the pain and nightmares would end. She was unprepared for what she would find.

Join Liviana on her quest of discovery. Journey with her to understand her past, face her present, and find her future.


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