I had fun writing this book. I would get started and then put it down, only to lose it and start over from the beginning.

I also found myself thinking about words I had heard and trying to find a sound alike that would be used. Not all turned out; they either were wrong entirely or for spelling.

With the help of friends and family, I had some words repeated, but every now and then, a new word would come with a sound alike to follow. Soon I had a lot of words. It is interesting to find out and know the words and especially the meanings.

However, I also said to my family that once you start thinking about sound alike, it is hard to stop, especially when going to sleep at first. After a while, it was not hard to sleep.

I had a friend who said, when she and her family first got to this country, she had trouble with the words their, there, and they're. All three of these words gave her trouble. She is not the only whom I have talked to that has had trouble.


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