Keep Telling YOUrself That

YOU can do and be ANYTHING!!!!!

EVERYONE needs motivation and inspiration, which can be found and seen in any and EVERYTHING. Also, there is never a wrong time or setting to be motivated-whether YOU'RE told YOU have cancer, YOU'RE at a funeral, seeing the birth of YOUR child, being told YOU won't amount to shit in YOUR life, seeing the living situation YOU are in, etc. Time in this life WE live is all that WE have, so why not do all YOU can at YOUR very best to live a happy, peaceful, and best life?

It's common sense that lots of people have fears and insecurities, and some of US lack motivation, but YOU have got to find it somewhere. So here YOU go! This book is a gift. The best people to talk to are the ones that can relate to YOU or have made so many mistakes and bad decisions that it made THEM become so wise that THEY can give some of the best motivational advice that could help others. YOUR life is truly up to the way YOU interpret, view it, and create it. Think about it, each second is a set up for each minute, each minute leads to the hours in YOUR day, and the hours lead to the set up for YOUR days.

Think before YOU react and also embrace and cherish YOUR disappointments just as much as YOU do YOUR accomplishments. Lessons are learned, and growth makes YOU stronger and better. Adversity and being YOUR biggest motivator are strong enough to push mountains and billions of people. Even when YOU feel like EVERYTHING is against YOU, YOU have got to know that if YOU give up, that leaves no chance of doing or seeing better. But by continuously striving for YOUR fulfillment, YOU are getting closer to where YOU need to be and also learning more about YOURSELF along the path that YOU thought was "perfectly planned" with a perfect straight line from point A to point B. Naw always keep a plan A, but also keep in mind there are going to be so many points YOU have to reach before YOU get to YOUR desired destination. YOU are going to be EVERYTHING YOU have ever talked about, but guess what?!?!? YOU have got to "KEEP TELLING YOURSELF THAT!"

Bryan "Nappy" Vereen a.k.a. Topick


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