Latin Fiancee Visa

"Latin women, you may love them but may not marry them."

Latin Fiancée Visa, written by Richard Clément, is a romantic novel yet full of drama and humor, which portrays the story of two individuals, Marc and Sandra.

The story features the two characters engaging in an online chatting portal, meeting soon after, and falling in love and sharing sexual passion at first sight. The story continues as they develop their relationship and try to settle in together. Marc organizes their life between Colombia and the USA.

Sandra begins to display a manipulative behavior of permissive sensuality and uncontrolled anger and jealousy. Everything starts to change for the best as Sandra arrives in America and finally gets married.

Back in Colombia for a trip, married Sandra shows a different characteristic of erratic and dishonest behavior. Marc files for divorce, but Sandra comes back with a vengeance taking full advantage of the US legal system.


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