Drako Longclaw found himself meeting and falling in love with a human girl.

Her friends were killed, and she was near death's door when Drako's dragon side saved her life, only to find Maryann being followed and taken by the mayor's men to find out about Drako.

With the help from Drako's friends Ulana, Jack, and Shea, they rescued her before the mayor could find out about Drako.

The mayor had other businessmen killed in the area and had tried to kill Drako and had failed.

Maryann questioned Drako about how she was saved by him and learned that he was a shift changer and that the dragon side had saved her. She didn't believe him, and he had to prove it to her. At this time, she also found out that he had killed. She turned her back on him and he left, only for her to follow and bring him back.

They agreed to get married, and Maryann was told by Shea that she was to meet a family member of Drako's at Drako's estate.

At this meeting, Drako found out how special Maryann was and that she was to save the legend of the shift changers.


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