Marco and The Elements: Crim

Would you be able to pick up the shattered pieces of a world that abandoned you?

When the element of hatred breaks out of its prison in the elemental realm and crosses into Earth, a real problem arises in Marco's hands. A seventeen–year–old humble individual was now forced to be something completely different as he learns to lead a rebellion against hatred. You can understand Marco's displeasure as he wakes up in a burning building with a broken ankle and some missing memories. Fortunately not alone, Marco is in contact with the elements. He is the only one with this gift. Marco can rid people of the hatred that has consumed them. With the help from his new–but–old friends, Marco is able to banish the element of hatred–Crim–learn his role in destiny, and free his love. Only to learn of a new, more tantalizing threat not only to the world but to him and his team individually.


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