No One Keeps Score

I was inspired to write this novel after experiencing over my years in the business world just how many companies fail to conduct themselves as "good citizens." Their shortcomings seemed to have a common theme. The failure always seems to revolve around the CEO and the company's board of directors. Many times, these bad actors are guilty of monetary greed, and in other times, it's sexual harassment.

My story, as proven by past and current events, explores the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately, this issue exists in every industry, and it has surfaced with a vengeance. My story is about how one man, Jake Carver, was forced to take a stand. His female employees confided in him that his boss, the CEO, and some of his directors, were sexually harassing them. His fight cost him his career, his wife, and finally his life. But ultimately, justice did prevail.


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