One Knight's Life

Henry expected his older brother, William, to inherit the castle and to become the lord of Dol. However, when William dies at a young age, Henry must give up his religious studies and become a knight. He proves himself as trustworthy and intelligent and becomes a skilled knight during the First Crusade. After devastating losses, Henry struggles to live by his values and to continue to honor God. Henry must learn to recognize and embrace the gifts he possesses, many of which he doesn't yet understand.

One Knight's Life appears to be a historical novel, but it's much more. It's about noticing subtle things-those which most of us take for granted-but don't really understand.

A Past–Life Regression

With hindsight, I've concluded the reason I started writing One Knight's Life: The Twelfth Templar when my wife asked me to drive her to Rangeley Lake to meet a woman named Kay Mora. This woman supposedly had "unusual powers" and had reportedly established her "bona fides" along these lines with the Florida State Police by helping them locate several missing persons. Not believing that sort of thing, I paid little attention. But since my wife was planning to go on a Saturday, I agreed to drive her.

When we got there, we found a gray–haired old woman in a little cottage beside the lake. After introductions, I was about to look for a spot by the lake to read a book, when Kay Mora suddenly turned from Linda to me. "And what do you want me to do for you?" queried the seer in a very forceful tone.

I was taken aback. I had no thought of doing anything with her. But her question was so direct that I fumbled for an answer. "I don't know…What are my choices?"

"Perhaps a past–life regression," she replied.

"And not having thought about it before was a good thing."

Based on that session, I changed my career, reestablished my values, and began to investigate near–death experiences, reincarnation, and coincidences. This book is a wonderfully historical novel. It is also one which challenges many aspects of today's beliefs. I think you will like it.


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