Our Perfect Moment

Susan and Thomas have long admired each other from a distance, and when they finally meet at the beginning of the 1978 school year, the sparks of intense mutual attraction quickly ignite a passionate romance. While they enjoy their senior year at Brainerd High, planning for homecoming and weighing their college options, Kent, a violent and disturbed bully from Susan's secret past, stalks them, bent on revenge for what he sees as his destroyed life.

When an unexpected pregnancy threatens to derail their plans and the expectations of their families, Susan and Thomas face their difficult choice together in the face of ultimatums from family and their own ideals, while recognizing the harsh reality of recession, massive layoffs, and high unemployment in their dying small town. Harsher still are Kent's increasingly violent and irrational attacks against them as an inner voice leads him on a path of destruction.

Inspired by his uncle's entrepreneurial success and determined to be together, Susan follows Thomas's lead as he plans their future. Together they embark on a daring venture, realizing they have to create their own perfect moment.


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