Parent Taker

The year is 5023. The setting is a residential neighborhood. The world, as the residents know it, seems to stop when all the parents have been kidnapped by The Master, a man of pure evil. His domination over every living thing is merciless. His search for a bride is all consuming, and he will stop at nothing to get the woman he is obsessed with. His focus is on Jane, a nineteen–year–old woman whose mission is to take care of stray children that have no one to take care of them after their parents are taken. The Master does everything in his power to capture Jane. Jane takes on the challenge of The Master and his posse known as the henchmen. These men are truly under the rule of The Master and, like The Master, are also pure evil. The henchmen ruthlessly pursue Jane for The Master's purpose. Jane has a group of her own to fight The Master and his henchmen: Soda Pop, a Freedom Fighter; Penny, a ten–year–old child who is on her own after the parents are all taken; and Jack, whose mission is to overthrow The Master and win Jane's love for himself. Kidnappings, betrayals, deceit, torture, and explosions–these all keep Jane and her gang fighting for survival. Are Jane and her group able to outsmart The Master and his henchmen? Does good triumph over evil?


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