Praying in the Safe Room

Praying in the Safe Room is a book written by a rural Oklahoma physician to offer encouragement and inspiration when trials of life strike. The book gives a firsthand account of examples of miracles performed by God. The doctor has experienced many tragedies, including divorce, miscarriage, tornado, flood, motor vehicle accident, illness, and death. Life as outlined in the book is also mingled with family and friends' traditions to help see us all through the hardships and blessings bestowed on us. If we lean on God for support, all things are possible through faith and trust in Him. Praying in the Safe Room reassures that you are not alone by revealing how God is present in every part of your walk on this earth. The book was laid upon my heart to write after the miracle of surviving a tornado. Life is hard and not always fair, but this book may have something that you can relate in your own life and help with the struggle.


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