This book is an authentic collection of creative rhyming poems. While this specific genre offers the reader an extensive array of interesting and provocative titles, it also connects the poetry to real–life.

In this collection, the seventy–seven poems are organized into seven diverse and distinct categories. They include, African American history, pets, holidays, education, retirement, family reunion as well as thirty extraordinary poems about real–life experience as characterized in the miscellaneous category.

Listed below is graphic compendium of the seven major categories:

Life is no Bed of Roses, When it rains, it pours, and Living from Paycheck to Paycheck, are not only poems in the miscellaneous category, but describe some of life's challenges that give true meaning to another old saying, When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

The poem, 365 Days a Year, is a reminder that one day in the calendar year is someone's birthday as noted in B–Day, Your Day. "Live everyday as if it's your last, plan for the future and learn from the past," is a quote and good advice from the Age is nothing but a Number, poem.

African American history is another fascinating category. It features eleven very unique and informative poems and short stories. While the month of February is designated as Black History month, the poem, From Africa they came, gives a very descriptive and meaningful picture of how the history actually began.

Two other poems, Marin Luther King: the Dreamer, and Obama, the First Black President, both from two different eras, made important contributions to African American history. However, there were many others who paved the way and made significant sacrifices for a better life in, We Stand on the Shoulders.

Jumping the Broom, and Living on the wrong side of the Railroad Tracks, are two interesting short rhyming stories that occurred during and after slavery.

Education is paramount to a productive life and features fifteen poems. The important characters in this section are the students and teachers. Poems titled, Advice for Millennials, and What Good Teachers Do, tell about the importance of a good education.

The poem, Grandparents Memory Page, describes the important role they played in the family reunion category. A holiday quote from My Valentine, poem describes how, "Both candy hearts and human hearts are symbols of love." One pumps money in the economy and the other pumps blood in the heart. Candy money can create a healthy economy and a romantic heart can create a healthy relationship.

Dogs are the boys' best friends. Three poems in this category describe the love he had for his German shepherd, Doberman, and Maltese poodle.

Retirement is just a special time in a person's life and definitely initiated a new chapter for those portrayed in the six retirement poems.

There are just a few examples of the seventy–seven fantastic rhyming poems.

I sincerely hope that everyone who reads this book will find one or more poems that might ring a bell for them, bring back fond memories, have an "aha" moment, put smiles on faces and just plain enjoy reading the carefully crafted words in this amazing rhyming poetry–ology book.


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