Sarah's Way

Sarah, a young fitness–crazed barista, never expected to lead the life she would be swept up by. Alex, a very–easy–on–the–eyes Airman, came into the coffee shop one day and wouldn't take no for an answer. "Why is this guy so pushy?" she thought. It wasn't until she was swept off her feet and married to him that she quickly realized his womanizing and demeaning nature. Alex cheated every chance he got, and it didn't matter who with.

Sarah finally got the courage to stop relying on Alex and start to be her own woman. As she becomes successful, a past lust interest, Ethan, resurfaces. Sarah falls madly in love with him while trying to divorce Alex.

A horrible sexual attack lands Sarah in the hospital for months and Alex gone forever. Sarah's mystery love interest stays by her side the entire time. Sarah wasn't prepared for what would happen while she was hospitalized, but it would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. Watch as everything unfolds and Sarah and her new husband, Ethan, come out on top and stronger than ever before!


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