Sitting With The Sages

Sitting with the Sages is a brief summary of preachers who influenced and intersected the life and ministry of Clifford E. McLain. They were introduced to him by his longtime preaching father, C. C. McLain. It recalls pivotal local and national events and ministers during the civil rights era, who shaped most of his values and approach to preaching and pastoring.


Clifford E. McLain has given us an invaluable treasure chest of information and inspiration in his work Sitting with the Sages. Here, we get a glimpse of the life and legacy of some of the greatest sermon crafters of our time and all times. Readers of Sitting with the Sages should be encouraged to enhance their efforts as the "mine" the rich fields of the Word of God. I recommend an engagement with this work for personal betterment in kingdom work.

-Dr. G.V. Clark, Pastor

Mount Zion Baptist Church Moderator, St. John Regular Baptist District Association President, Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas

Sitting with the Sages, a collection of back stories of twenty preachers by Clifford E. McLain is riveting. These spellbinding stories are metaphors that tell how much these ministers cared about people. It is also telling how much they influenced McLain's life and ministry. I'm honored to see this work and it has my endorsement.

-Leonard I. Sweet, PhD

Senior Professor of Doctoral Studies at Evangelical Seminary E. Stanley Jones Professor Emeritus at Drew University Visiting Distinguished Professor at George Fox University and Tabor College


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