Smorgasbord is an unbelievable display of creativity. First–time author Francis LaManna guides his readers on a penetrating walk through the depths of his mind, and in the end, he leaves us wanting more. Take whatever you have in your head about what a traditional book is supposed to be like and forget it. Open your mind to something different. There is not one character to focus on. There is no single plot, and there is no clear story line to follow.

At a glance, Smorgasbord appears to be a crazy compilation of a whole bunch of stuff thrown together, but if you open your mind and commit yourself to understanding the bigger picture, it not only makes perfect sense but it also flows. The book opens with a fictional story told from the speaking mind of a murderer, which is followed up with a Shakespearean sonnet. The poem is titled "Looking Forward," and it's about hope, the future, and having something to look forward to, which is purposely designed in contrast to the negative thoughts of the previous chapter.

Smorgasbord is edgy and bold, and some portions can be very opinionated. With a degree in communication and concentration studies in journalism, Francis naturally has strong beliefs concerning free speech and people having the right and responsibility to voice their opinions. You might agree with what you read, you might disagree, and maybe you might learn something new. That's all in design.

If it helps, imagine this book to be a temple. Inside there are three floors and twenty–four rooms. Each room has its own special theme and décor You'll find tales of love, people having strange dialogues with evil entities, and of course, the real stories about Francis's life that he's trying to write between chapters.

If someone asks you what this book is about, you'll probably laugh and say, "I don't know. You just have to read it." That's the kind of book it is!


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