The Gift. Sister and Brother-Kendra and Michael Riley, together since both were infants, believed they were natural children of Michael (Big Mick) and Iona Riley. Devout Catholics. Living in the wonderful area known as Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, both siblings are in their early twenties, and are hopelessly head–over–heels in love with each other. Their friends, of course, noticed the outwardly devotion shared by these two, but are two kind to bring up the situation of incest. Kendra, five feet ten inches tall, beautiful blonde, very shapely-with a mile of long legs-a Rockette in Radio City Music Hall would weep for. She doesn't realize how desirable she is. Naivete is part of her charm. Michael, on the other hand, is a warrior god, six foot five, also with blond hair. God, on his best day, let Michael be brought to earth in the arms of angels, for he is the most handsome person most girls will attest to have ever seen. Therein lies the crux of his existence. The very wealthy woman he works for has designs on his sexuality. The hormonal pressures put upon him make him fall victim to her advances, creating an undercurrent of guilt. He justifies this action with an attitude of smugness, for his beloved Kendra has fallen victim to the siren song of Wicca, the ancient earth–based religion prevalent in Ireland during the reign of the last Irish Kings-now outlawed-but brought back in the early fifties. She wants to be a good White Witch. These strong emotions underlying in the mental attitudes of these two strong–willed people led them to adventures in Barnegat Bay, New York City, and the West Coast of Ireland.


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