The Girl with a Magical Martian Brain

The Girl with a Magical Martian Brain

The year 2020 etched in history as the year COVID–19 stopped the world. Humanity withdrawing into isolation faces restlessness and insights into hidden truths about whom and what directs our lives. We watch and wait for a cure and use seclusion to search for external answers while reevaluating our inner lives.

The Girl with a Magical Martian Brain is a brutally honest autobiography recounting a tumultuous life interspersed with miracles and other side communications. Born number seven in a family of nine, Melanie Haggard comes to terms with tragic deaths, chaos, sexual abuses, illnesses, and family challenges to reclaim suppressed innate psychic abilities.

In her search for answers, many undeniable truths surface through dark night of the soul moments. Discover your own hidden gifts and truths as you read about how through creativity and imagination healing is possible. Learn how love is the energy of the universe and how its fuel sparks our souls providing purpose and meaning to life.

Soul lessons differ; but the common thread in humanity's tapestry is we are here to learn how to give and receive love. Self–love as first priority catapults you into loving others and your life purpose. Make love your religion, compassion your occupation, and kindness your karma.


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