The Little Beech Tree

Little Beech Tree is an endearing story of a small beech tree living in the shadow of much bigger trees, along with a very mischievous squirrel! In the fall, while the leaves of the other trees turn brilliant colors, the leaves of the distraught Little Beech Tree stay green. Visitors come to the forest and admire the brilliant colors of the tall Sugar Maple and the Quaking Aspen and the towering Oak. Little Beech Tree becomes very sad that none of the visitors even notice him with his green leaves.

The tale teaches children about the four seasons and overcoming hardships from the perspective of a very unusual little tree. In the process, the story builds understanding of various trees and their leaves, the concepts of left and right, big and small, different colors, and various modes of transportation. Young children will enjoy following the struggles and eventual triumph of the resilient Little Beech Tree. They will also delight in discovering a very silly squirrel and his funny antics in each illustration.

With its humorous presentation of educational concepts, Little Beech Tree will become a family favorite.

Dedicated to all the children who have attended The Children's Castle.


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