The Negative Society

All accounts in the news media, social media, and assertions by our elected officials project that the United States and the world are on the brink of catastrophe. Climate change will end life on earth as we know it; rampant racism, political divisiveness, projected economic doom, health care crisis, and the "politically correct" fear of offending someone dominate headlines. Commentaries by so–called "experts" try to convince you that the country and world are in the worst condition in history.

Is this really true? The author takes a look at eleven topics most often referenced by those predicting doom and gloom and presents a perspective without the "fear factor." He uses data, personal observation, and input from those he has met to break down each topic and bring it into a more balanced perspective.

Reading this book, you may find that things are not nearly as bad as projected by our elected officials and the media. In fact you may come to the conclusion that we are living better today than at any time in human history. It may also provide you with a better process to evaluate and understand controversial issues in the future.


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