The Odyssey Effect: Dawn of the Artificials

In the year 2127 on a planet one hundred thousand light years away a race of artificial human's labor to supply Earth with the miracle ore Dycornum. Then an anomalous quirk occurred in the maturation process and sentient artificials were born. Now free from the supercomputer that governed their every thought, they followed their natural inclination and came to Earth to be a part of humanities utopian society.

Detective Dexter Ruyac, like everyone else on Earth, envisioned the artificals as advertised by the government to be drones – biological machines; so far removed from mankind they did not even have souls. He was startled to discover that the anomaly of a sentient artificial he had found was just one of many. One presidential official of the global government the World Court deemed them as an industrial accident and a threat to the social order of Earth; knowledge of these intelligent artificials should not reach the public. This officer of the Court formed a black operation group of cybernetic hunter killers to eliminate them. Dexter's social pledge as a policeman to protect and serve has extended to these immigrants of mankind from across the stars but he is running out of time to find them first.


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