The Prayer

God called him in the middle of the night and assigned him a mission. He was told to pray for someone, but he wasn't told who. God told him that he would heal that person but didn't tell him from what. For weeks, the call remained a mystery, so he put it aside in his mind until the day it was revealed to him. He had made up his mind that he was not capable of doing what God told him to do, much less the manner in which he was to do it. But God was not to be denied, and the spiritual struggle that ensued between him and God would take him into an invisible realm inhabited by Satanic and heavenly forces battling over the possession of his very soul and that of the person he was told to pray for.

He could have saved himself from a lot of misery and strife had he just submitted to God to begin with.

This novel of spiritual warfare is a reminder that God is real. He's not easy to ignore, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. When He wants someone to do something for Him, it's best to just go ahead and do it.

He's not referred to by some as "the Hound of Heaven" for nothing.


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